WTH is the Press This Tool for WordPress?

What is the Press This Tool in WordPress? What does the Press This tool do and how to use it to write posts in WordPress.

Source: What is Press This tool in WordPress?

When browsing over the tools Integrated into WordPress I came upon a tool called “Press This”. The description was enticing with it’s claims of creating posts from clips of websites “with ease”.

After a quick google search I was still unsure what Press This actually does or how the results would look. This post is a test of exactly that.

Essentially the Press This tool involves adding a link to your browser you can click whenever you are on a page you would like to post about. Editing options are extremely limited but posting with Press This is certainly quick and easy. I quickly found myself scrambling for the Edit Post page to make changes after posting with Press This. Meta tags, image alt tags, and SEO tweeks all had to be made from the standard editing page to get things working properly.

That said Press This quickly provided a basic quote, picture, and link from the original source. That is not a bad place to start from and would be great if you are in a rush or posting from a mobile device.

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