Valve Unleashes its Mighty Ban Hammer

Valve Unleashes its Mighty Ban Hammer on Over 40,000 Steam Accounts

Last Thursday Valve nearly tripled its personal best for for Valve Anti-Cheat (VAC) bans in a single day. That’s right, one day after the conclusion of Steam’s 2017 Summer Sale, Valve banned over 40,000 accounts. This amount eclipses the 15,000 accounts pummeled last October by the almighty VAC hammer.

This action was almost certainly spurred by the mass purchasing of cheap Counter-Strike: Global Offensive keys during the Steam Summer Sale. Hackers commonly use dummy accounts to avoid their main Steam libraries being destroyed by their bad decisions. When a decoy account gets banned they simply purchase a new copy of the game on a new account. Steam Summer Sale is a great opportunity for these hackers to stock up on discount keys and reduce the cost of their evil ways.

It’s nice to see Valve turning up the pressure on these hackers even if it is only costing them a few dollars. It’s a pittance in comparison to the frustration of being endlessly 360 no scoped all summer long, but better than nothing. I would like to see Valve implement something a bit more harsh. However, when MAC addresses can be spoofed, and IPs changed, there isn’t much more you can do.

You can checkout the current number of bans yourself at

How do you feel about the latest VAC bans, too far or not far enough?

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