Motorola Patents Self Healing Screen


Motorola Granted a Patent for Self Healing Screen

Clumsy cellphone users and teenagers may soon rejoice over the demise of expensive cracked screens. Motorola was granted a patent for a screen that can repair cracks on its own with a little help from heat.

Rather than using typical glass, the screens will be made up of a special heat activated polymer. When heated the polymer with return to its original shape. Anyone who has use their phone’s GPS for an extended period of time will know they can be very effective at generating heat.

We will have to wait and see how the feel and image quality compare to the glass screens we are accustomed to. Even if the experience is not quite as pleasant, this could still be invaluable in industrial applications.

It’s nice to see a company deviating from crack “resistant” screens and exploring alternative options. I would love to see a day when we can stop doubling the size of our phones with bulky covers and screen protectors.

You can checkout the patent for yourself here .

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