Kaspersky Releases Free Antivirus

Kaspersky Releases Free Basic Anti-Virus to the World.

Kaspersky recently announced that it will be offering a free stripped down version of their antivirus software. This new version of their software will offer all of the virus protection abilities of their paid for versions. To keep the service free it does not include:

  • Parental Controls
  • Online Payment Protection
  • Secure Connection (VPN)

You mask ask yourself, “What’s the Catch?” After all, we all know nothing is free. This move actually benefits users as well as Kaspersky. Users receive free virus protection and Kaspersky greatly expands its network. This allows Kaspersky to gather more data in identifying new virus outbreaks and proactively release fixes. The larger their user base, the easier it is for them to detect these infections. Thus increasing the value of its product.

As an added bonus, Kaspersky claims their free software will actually be lighter on the system than its paid counterpart. This is likely due to the removal of features / additional task that the software would normally be running.

Kaspersky’s free antivirus has been available in many European countries for the last year. That means U.S. users should have minimal trouble with the new release, as the bugs have already been worked out on someone else.

While I have had good luck with Kaspersky antivirus in the past, it will be interesting to see how this product is received in the current political climate. Kaspersky is after all based in Moscow, Russia.  Many have speculated an ulterior motive to aid the government in spying on their rapidly expanding user base.

You can read more about Kaspersky Free at Eugene Kaspersky’s blog.  https://eugene.kaspersky.com

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