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Motorola Patents Self Healing Screen

Motorola Granted a Patent for Self Healing Screen Clumsy cellphone users and teenagers may soon rejoice over the demise of expensive cracked screens. Motorola was granted a patent for a screen that can repair cracks on its own with a little help from heat. Rather than using typical …

Kaspersky Releases Free Antivirus

Kaspersky Releases Free Basic Anti-Virus to the World. Kaspersky recently announced that it will be offering a free stripped down version of their antivirus software. This new version of their software will offer all of the virus protection abilities of their paid for versions. To keep the service …

Valve Unleashes its Mighty Ban Hammer

Valve Unleashes its Mighty Ban Hammer on Over 40,000 Steam Accounts Last Thursday Valve nearly tripled its personal best for for Valve Anti-Cheat (VAC) bans in a single day. That’s right, one day after the conclusion of Steam’s 2017 Summer Sale, Valve banned over 40,000 accounts. This amount … Welcomes You!

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